Sweden Trip June 2011 - Page 1
    In June of 2011, Paul Lefebvre, Larry Rexford and I flew to Stockholm, Sweden for a quick trip to visit two customers.  We left on a
    Tuesday and came back on Saturday and did not have too much time to do any sightseeing, but we did spend about 5 hours on
    trains and got to see a lot of nice, green countryside from a train.  Its good that it stays daylight until about 10:30 PM in June so we
    did get to do some walking around Stockholm and also around the city of Linkoping, about 120 miles southwest of Stockholm.  
    I took some pictures and have posted a few here.  
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    Also, if you get lost, they have
    a lot of signs to help you figure
    out where to go.  We all got lost,
    good thing the signs were in English.

    Everyone also speaks excellent
    English, sort of made me feel bad.
    The only place we had trouble with English was when we were buying a train ticket in
    Stockholm to travel to Linkoping.  Really long lines to buy a ticket from a human who
    probably spoke English so we used a kiosk that did not speak good English then we
    used a ticket that definitely had no English on it to board the train.  We got in the
    wrong train car and the wrong seats and got kicked out of our seats by a lady after the
    train ride started.  We had to walk from the back to the front of a moving train, about
    6 cars, to find where our tickets said we sat.  We know how to read a train ticket in
    Swedish now!  Then we found out later we did not even know how to pronounce the
    town we were going to correctly, no wonder they looked at us like we were nuts
    After the exciting and long train ride from Stockholm to Linkoping and a long walk from the train station to our hotel, we had 10 minutes to
    take a shower and get ready for a party with our hosts from Douglas Aviation and about 8 guys from the Royal Thai Air Force.  We run into
    these RTAF people all over the world?  We found our hotel at one end of a large square that had hundreds of people eating, drinking and
    having a good time in the sun.  There were pubs, bars and restaurants all over.  Again, I think the Swedish get out and party in the summer
    when the sun is out.
    There are a lot of healthy people in
    Sweden riding bikes all over and
    taking advantage of the short, sunny
    summer.  Look out for those bike
    riders or they will run over you if you
    accidentally walk on the bike paths
    We were in Stockholm and Linkoping for the last day of school and after seeing and hearing a lot of drunk girls riding around Stockholm
    in the back of some fast moving trucks, we learned what high school students do on their last day of school, it is a good tradition.

    These pictures are in Linkoping where there were at least a dozen tractors, trucks and many cars hauling around yelling high school
    seniors in trailers.  For some reason they all wear white ship captains hats.  Girls wear white dresses and guys wear suits.  They all
    make a lot of noise.  Proud parents take pictures and carry big signs showing photos of their kids as babies.
    These pictures are all at the harbor area in downtown Stockholm.  We had several blocks to walk and it was very sunny and almost hot.  
    There were hundreds of joggers and even more people on bikes.  This seems like the oldest part of Stockholm but I do not know that to
    be factual.  It was just very old and nice to wander around.  It certainly would be a nice place to visit on a vacation.
    We attended a nice dinner party and then stayed out in the plaza in front of our hotel until just about 1 AM.  The crowd did not die
    down, sun was up until 10:30 PM and it comes up about 3:30 AM (according to Paul and Larry, I never woke up that early!)  

    The party was a very good way to get to get to know a customer that we had never met, it made our business meeting the next
    morning start off well.  We had boiled potatoes and eggs, several types of pickled herring -yum, reindeer stew, some good cakes,
    wine and a good time.
Map of Sweden