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    Our first ski trip in 2009 was to Heavenly Ski Valley at Lake Tahoe.  Felicia, Kendra and I went with Steve, Joyce Lynn
    and Annelise.  We flew to Reno, Nevada and drove a very big SUV to South Lake Tahoe, which sits on the Nevada and
    California state line.

    This was the first time for Steve and Annelise to ski and they both caught on really fast and were skiing after only one
    day of ski lessons.  If they keep going back, they will be very good skiers.

    Felicia found us a great cabin using the VRBO web site.  We have had good luck using that several times now.  The cabin
    was about 10 miles out of South Lake Tahoe and was up a pretty steep mountain with a great view of the valley about
    6000 feet below.  We had a 4WD but did not really need it to get to the cabin.

    Joyce Lynn signed us up for a 2 hour snowmobile trip.  I don't think any of us had been on a snowmobile, it turned out
    to be very fun (and cold).  I had to drive Kendra around and Felicia had her own hot rod snow mobile.  We  all wanted
    to go off by ourselves to see how fast we could go, but we had to stay in line in our group.
Lake Tahoe Ski Trip January 2009 - Page 1
fun in the snow
my little daredevil
top of the mountain
Our cabin was great!  
3 bedrooms and 3
bathrooms.  It was
close to a  ski lift but
we never used that lift.  
The girls had fun playing
in the snow, collecting
big pine cones and
running up & down the
pictures.  We
had to wear helmets,
goggles and boots.  
The helmets were
goofy looking but
they did help keep
us warm
Seeing our two girls going up a lift by them selves made
me proud and sad that they will soon be skiing off without
    I think Kendra likes this.  She does not seem to be afraid
    of high lifts, going fast, falling down or jumping off of
    snowboard ramps
    These are pictures of Steve after
    we got onto some Blue trails.  If
    you zoom in on the above pic,
    Steve is above the yellow sign.  
    We had just gone down a pretty
    steep slope with some good
    moguls - he made it out alive.
    At the end of first day of skiing, I
    could not make it back to where
    everyone was because the lifts
    closed & I had to ski down into

    The girls played in the snow,
    Kendra  fell off of a sled and
    skinned her head up.  That ice
    was hard.
Felicia & Kendra now want to buy snowmobiles instead of a 4-wheeler
Steve and Annelise on
Patsy's run.
Top of the mountain,
10,040 feet.  The view
is good.  
Top of the mountain, 10,040 feet.  The view is good.  
At the end of the day, everyone
is tired but happy and nobody's
hair looks good!
Annelise and
Steve on the
beginner lift
Kendra is about to jump over
snowboard ramp.  See got some
good air!
All of these pictures were
about half way up the
mountain at the top of
Gunbarrel and the
Tramway lifts.

It was warm like spring
skiing, everyone had
coats open