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In January 2007, Felicia, Kendra, Susie, Larry & I flew to Denver and then drove at night in the hard falling snow
to up to Winter Park, Colorado.  The temperature was about -6 degrees F in Denver and our plane was three
hours late getting into Denver, but skiers have to be tough to get to where the new snow is.

Felicia had been freaking out because the weekend before, there had been a very big avalanche at Berthoud
Pass that swept 2 cars off of the mountain.  We had to go through Berthoud Pass to get to Winter Park but
thanks to the skilled driving of me?, we got through without a problem and got to our hotel at 1 AM.
Winter Park Skiing January 2007 - Page 1
Uncle Larry and Aunt Susie are laughing
even though the plane was late and we
were in danger of getting our flight to
Denver cancelled because of bad snow
and below zero temperatures.
I was so proud of Kendra!
- she had been to school for 2 days at
Steamboat Springs, Colorado before this,
and after going to school for 1 day in Winter Park
she went up the lift twice with me at the end of the
day, got off the lift and skied down all by herself!
Felicia, Susie and Kendra after just getting
off the lift.  Kendra has a helmet and no poles,
but she can turn, stop, put her ski back on if it
falls off and she is hard to keep up with now.

I think Felicia was more scared about Kendra
skiing than Kendra was.
Kendra and Susie just getting off
of the ski lift.  To me, this is the
hardest part of skiing and Kendra
did it about a dozen times during
this trip.  I think she is a pro.
Bobby Lee had better watch out, I
have a new ski partner who has
more energy than both of us put
All of the girls skiing
past me and Kendra
getting showing us
how to go fast.
Kendra and Susie on the ski lift.  
Larry hurt his knee and could not
ski at all our second day, so we
all took turns riding up with Kendra.
    Larry hurt and knee, knocking him out of skiing.  Kendra got along far enough in her ski school to
    ski with us on green trails and it got down to -13 F in Winter Park, but we all had a very good time.
Kendra Ski Video #3
Kendra Ski Video #1
Kendra Ski Video #2
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Avalanche near 11,000-foot pass buries cars in Colorado
POSTED: 2:55 p.m. EST, January 6, 2007

• Seven people rescued so far, one goes to hospital
• Avalanche forced cars off U.S. 40, Colorado highway official says
• Happened 60 miles west of Denver on main route to ski area Winter Park
• Crews said it was the largest avalanche they had ever seen

DENVER, Colorado (AP) -- A huge avalanche buried cars Saturday and may have pushed others over the edge of U.S. 40 near 11,307-foot-high Berthoud
Pass, Colorado highway officials said.

"Our crews said it was the largest they have ever seen. It took three paths," said Stacey Stegman, spokeswoman for the Colorado Department of
Transportation.  Seven people had been rescued; one was taken to a hospital, Stegman said.

The slide buried at least two cars, state Patrolman Eric Wynn told CNN.  Crews were looking for other vehicles, including any that may have gone off the road,
Stegman said.

The avalanche was described as 100 feet wide and 15 feet deep.

The area usually has slides 2 to 3 feet deep, Stegman told CNN. "This is a tremendous amount of snow to come down the mountain for us," she said.  Three
snowstorms in as many weeks have dumped more than 4 feet of snow on parts of Colorado.

Berthoud Pass is the main route to Winter Park, one of Colorado's largest ski areas.  Stegman said the late-morning timing meant most traffic headed to the
ski area had already passed. "If it would've happened just a couple of hours earlier, this would've been a very different situation," she told CNN.