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June of 1999 found me in Cairo again with Joe Blanton, Juner Sioco and Dick Brannan.  This
was my third trip.  As we had twice before, we stayed at the Sheraton in Heliopolis just outside
of Cairo.  We had our usual driver, Monsour, who could get us anywhere we want to go with a
minimum amount of trouble.

I still have not met any Americans who drive around Cairo by themselves  Most of the pictures
below are of us shopping in the Khan Al-Khalili in Cairo, the main bazar and oldest in Cairo.  
You can find everything there - it is where the locals go for food and supplies and it is also
where every tourist should go for gold, perfume, papyrus, spices, linens

By the way once you have worked hard to bargain with the shop owner, never go next door
and ask what the same item is worth - you will disappointed.
Joe, me, Monsour, and Dick.  Check out or
nice ride.  Most of the cars in Cairo have the
side rear view mirrors removed (or they just
drive around for a few minutes and have the
mirrors knocked off)
Juner, Monsour, Joe and me in a perfume shop in the
Khan Al-Khalili.  Many of the essential oils used in
perfume made in France come out of Egypt.  To make the
perfume, just mix small portions of essential oils together
and then add in some alcohol to make more.

In the shops they can make any kind of perfume found in
Europe.  I got perfume for my wife, I am not sure what
Joe did with his.

The shop vendors are very nice and it is traditional for
them to make you some tea and to have some polite
small talk before getting down to business of price.  Start
with half of what the price is, that is the way they do
business and it does not offend them for you to offer half
Khan Al-Khalili
Juner and me in the Khan Al-Khalili in front of a
gold shop.  Many of the vendors there know
Juner by sight even thought he only goes there
once a year.  At the gold shops, you buy the
gold based on type and weight, the
craftsmanship is not counted.
Another picture like above so we could get a
picture of Juner and Monsour, who have been
friends for  a long time.
When shopping, Monsour, could always
get a much better deal the any of us
could.  Overall though, shopping in the
Khan Al-Khalili is much cheaper than
buying souvenirs in a hotel or tourist trap.
Dick and Juner out for their 10 minute smoke break
A typical alley scene in the Khan Al-Khalili.  
You have to hold on to your wallet and not
let every street vendor drag you to his
Another alley scene in the Khan Al-Khalili.  The smell
of good food, perfumes and unusual spices is
Only the brave should eat food from a street vendor.  
Juner is the bravest, I want to live long and prosper.
Me and Monsour, having a good time.  He
was probably giving me some shopping tips
Water pipes ( hubble bubble pipes) are for sale
everywhere in the Khan Al-Khalili.  
I have smoked a
water pipe in Egypt but did not see fit to bring one
home with me
Juner walking through the Khan Al-Khalili.  The
Khan is very old, many of the vendors live there

This is one place not to miss when you are in
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Cairo, Egypt June 1999