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    In July 2015, Luther and I flew from DFW directly to Frankfurt, Germany to meet up visit people in Nienberg and in Kiel.
     We were to meet up with Axel Schumann in Kiel, but first we had to drive in the hard rain from Frankfurt up to Nienberg.
     We were told it was a 4 hour drive but we made itr in only 6 hours.  We did not drive Autobahn speeds for too long and
     we were tired and sleepy from flying all night.
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    On the Baltic Coast
    We then drove from Nienberg up to Kiel, a ship building town on the Baltic Sea.  I have been there on other trips.
    (Kiel Germany 2008 Road Trip)
    It was also very pleasant, cool and with a few showers.  Axel and I met up with Ruediger there for dinner and work
    the next day
    Good Food
    We ate at a Movenpick or some such place on the drive up to Kiel and I got some good Rosti's.  
    I also had good weiner schnitzel plate, a sausage dinner, apple strudel and some good German beers.
    It was a long hard drive from Frankfurt to Nienberg, with rain during much of the drive.
    We should have flow to Hanover and got a car there, but did not.  Luther drove 180 kph
    at one point (only about 90 mph) and cars were passing us up.  Those Germans have some
    mighty fine BMWs, Audis, Mercedes, and Porches.  I also had a minor accident, scraping
    a fender after I fell asleep in some stop and  go traffic.  We were lucky that we were
    not moving!
    Our first night was in Nienberg, in the northern third of Germany.  Nienberg is a very small and old town.  We stayed
    in the city center and walked around the old city.  The buildings were from the 1200s, 1400s, 1500s and 1700s.  I
    was glad it was cool because there was no AC in the hotel.  A small matress, thick duvet so I had the windows wide
    open and almost slept.