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    In April 2015, KC and I flew from DFW to JFK Airport in New York, waited for hours and then got an a new Boeing
    787 to fly to Amman, Jordan.  We flew on Royal Jordanian Airlines direct from New York to Jordan, a nice way to
    fly and avoid stopovers in Europe, but it is very long time to sit in a plane.

    I have been to the Kingdom of Jordan twice before in 2012, but the whole region has changed since I was last
    in Jordan because of the war in Syria, ISIS in Syria and Iraq, the large number of Syrian and Iraqi refugees who
    have come into Jordan and are placing a huge burden on Jordan.  Syria is about 30 miles away from Amman, Iraq
    about 120 miles.  Even this week, several neighboring countries have started to bomb Yemen after Houthi rebels
    overthrew the Yemen government.  Lots of unrest and trouble in this area.

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    Fresh Sheep

    Our host told us yesterday at lunch that the sheep we were eating at 2 pm were fresh and were running
    around that morning.  See pictures below that I took of sheep in various stages:  being herded down the
    same hill we were trying to drive down and then butchered sheep hanging up in the open air markets that
    line the streets.  Make sure that you shoo away the flies while you are shopping for a sheep carcass.  I
    guess you might see a nice sheep carcass hanging from a hook while you are driving down the road, back
    the car up and go buy one.  Not sure how you carry a butchered sheep home in your car.
    See airplane map, looks like we
    are flying straight into Syria, makes
    you hope that you have a good pilot
    who looked at the map.  The next photo
    shows us crossing from the Med into
    Israel, 3rd photo shows a few minutes
    later, it is all desert, no green to be
    Smoked Me Some Hookah

    We landed here about 5 PM and the hotel sent a car to pick
    us up, safest way for us to travel.  On our first night in Jordan
    I smoked a hookah pipe and drank tea with an Air Force
    general for 2 hours, I did not even get a buzz - we did not
    even get a chance to eat dinner tonight.  Our trip is off to a
    fast start.  This week, we are going to a shop where KC
    and I can buy a red/white dish towel for my head.  Maybe
    I will buy a hookah too.  More hookah smoking pics from Cairo, Egypt.
    Where in the world is Jordan?  It is in a very busy area, there are a lot of countries at the east end of the
    Mediterranean Ocean.  It is probably good for us to stay away from Syria, Lebanon and Iraq.
       Today for lunch we had more Jordanian food.  Of course we had hummus and giant pita breads.  I had a glass
    of a yogurt drink - one glass of this and you are not supposed to be thirsty for the rest of the day.  I had
    sheep nuts (yes sheep testicles), lamb chops, chicken, veggies, a dish that is like a quesadilla made with
    ground lamb baked between 2 pita breads.  Also lamburger? and even more lamb.  See  photos  of meat and
    yogurt milk below.
    Dressing in Jordan

    Jordan seems very liberal when it comes to how women
    dress.  Especially when you consider how women in some
    of their neighbors like Saudi Arabia have to dress.  Ladies
    drive and dress very modernly.  Almost all wear scarves,
    but they are bright and look good. There is not of a dress
    code here, but locals do not wear shorts, short skirts,
    short sleeves.
    I think that I can say that I have eaten chickpeas at every breakfast, lunch and dinner since
    I have been in Jordan.  This has been mostly on the form of hummus, but I have had other
    dishes as well.  For lunch on our first day here, our host ordered 5 different types of
    chickpeas including falafel, hummus and pea salads. Of course we had lots of pita bread.
    I think the bread is the safest thing to eat here.

    I gave also eaten a lot of yogurt. Lamb in yogurt, chicken in yogurt, a glass of yogurt, etc.  
    I am not a big yogurt fan but they made it taste pretty good.  To keep healthy, you need
    to be careful what water you drink, not have ice in anything and even think about salads.
    So we drink lots of beer, wine, soft drinks and bottled water.  Not a bad way to spend
    the week.  
    Tonight we went to an excellent restaurant called Levant with Imad and Sofiyan. Traditional food including Armenian
    food.  This was some of the  best food I have ever had.  One of the things we had to start out with was cracked wheat
    in some kind of cream.  It was wonderful also had some spicy sausages.  We had a good wine, some lamb including a mixed
    grill meat pie.  It looked like a pecan pie but when you open up the lid it was full of different kinds of meats that have
    been cooked on kebabs. We also had a lot of beef on a big kebab Grill skewer.  Whenever you are in the Amman I would
    highly recommend this place.
    KC in the airport, ready to go outside for some fresh air.  Saw a few goats & camels driving from the airport into town.
    King Abdullah II of Jordan, his picture is everywhere and he is very popular.  View of Amman, a very white city built
    out of local limestone
A really fun link to "A Broad Abroad" travel blog
    A little machine gun action.  It is
    always fun to drive around and
    see the military has their guns up
    and are in control