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    In March of 2016, during Spring Break, Kendra and I drove to Fort Worth and picked up Susie and then drove to
    Lubbock and picked up Elizabeth and continued our long trip to Santa Fe.  It took all day, but we had a fun drive.  
    We all hated to leave Felicia and Larry at home but they did not want to hurt their knees.  We have been skiing at
    Santa Fe several times and that is where Felicia learned to ski.  Kendra has skiied there also in 2008, here is link
    to a fun trip almost 10 years ago -  Santa Fe Skiing 2008 .

    Elizabeth had not been skiing before so we showed her how to put on her boots and skis, got her started zipping
    around the flat area and then got her on and off the lift.  She did good from there and we were lucky that we had
    some good spring skiing.  We did not have to bundle up too much, just light jackets and thin gloves for me.  I felt
    like I had lost 10 pounds of ski clothes.  Before we left Elizabeth was skiing very good and should be ready for a
    ski trip next year.  Susie and Kendra were good teachers.

     We stayed at the Hotel Chimayo de Santa Fe which is 100 feet off the Santa Fe Plaza and we ate some very
     good Southwestern food.  After our 12 hour drive and long days skiing we did not stay out too late or get to do
     much besides ski and eat and sleep.  On our way home, Elizabeth spent a few hours showing Kendra around
     Texas Tech campus.
Santa Fe Ski Trip March 2016
                    Some pictures from our 2008 Santa Fe ski trip - yes I still wear the same ski jacket 8 years later
     Everybody has to take turns driving on a 12 hour
     drive.  This was Kendra's first time to drive for hours
     through some long boring roads.

     Have to stop in Muleshoe when you are driving
     throught to see the mule.
     Hotel Chimayo de Santa Fe is in a good location,
     close to the Plaza and to a lot of good resturants
        Generations at Texas Tech.          
     Elizabeth is almost done, maybe Kendra
     will go there some day  
     A coon skin hat works good for
     bad hair days