Taiwan Trip January 2010 - Page 1
In January 2010, Ken Young and I went to work in Taiwan for a week.  Taiwan is actually the name of the largest
island in the Republic of China (ROC).  We flew direct from DFW to Narita International Airport in Tokyo and then flew
to Taipei.  It took 17 hours of flying time to get to Taipei, a little less coming back.  We stayed in Taipei, at north end
of Taiwan, for 1 week and then flew back to Dallas.  
We had some time for sightseeing and I also took pictures as we walked and drove around Taipei and another city
where CSIST is located.  Taipei is a very modern, clean, city and it seemed to be a very safe place to visit as long you
don't  get run over by one of the millions of motorcycles.
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Page 2: Eating in Taipei
Page 2: Eating in Taipei
On the left is the Year of the
Chicken Bridge.  Look closely at
the chickens hanging on the
right, heads are still  on them!  I
saw a place that had a big pan
of chicken feet in their window.  
Not much meat on a chicken feet!
Ken and I at the Chiang Kai-shek
Memorial in Taipei.  I was posing at
dinner by the chicken soup place.
Far left is a temple we visited in
The Taipei 101 tower was the
tallest building in the world
until 2009.  It is 101 stories
high, we went up to 90th
story.  See how dense Taipei
is.  They have 10,000 people
per square kilometer
Most people in Taipei live in
10-12 story buildings with
shops on the bottom floor.  
There are 4 million people her
with another 3 million coming
into town every day.  Scooters
are very popular and found
Food stall outside the city and
also a Betel Net Girl in a small
booth with green neon lights
(see more on next page).  
Parking lot with only scooters -
you can fit a lot into a small
Our tour guide Ruth talking to
Ken.  I met some girls on the
elevator dressed up for a show.  
Me at the Chiang Kai-shek
Memorial - very big place
Saikal Ltd offices across from
the ROC Air Force HQ.  
Good spot.  President Karl
Yen is on the left, Jeffrey is
on the right.  See all the
people going on the escalator
to the subway, they are
crowded at rush hour.
We took a half day tour of the
north coast of Taiwan and
later a half day tour of Taipei.  
Taiwan is very beautiful is
covered all over with thick,
green forests.  They get a lot
of rain and grow giant fruits
and vegetables.
Page 3: April in Taiwan
Page 3: April in Taiwan