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    Our summer trip for 2008 was to Hawaii where we went to check out Oahu and Maui.  Once again
    we left the 107 degree Dallas heat to find any place cooler.  And once again my wife asked me
    why we live in Dallas.  We spent about 10 days seeing two islands and are ready to go back again.

    Felicia, Kendra, Susie, Larry and I  flew into Honolulu and arrived about midnight.  We spent our
    first day touring Honolulu including swimming at Waikiki Beach and climbing up to the very top
    of Diamond Head crater for a good view of Honolulu.  We finished off the day at a great seafood

    Early the next morning we flew to Maui - we were glad to get out of the big city atmosphere of
    Honolulu.  Felicia had found us a condo on the south part of Maui half way between Kihei and
    Weilea at a beach called Kama'ole III.  We were about 200 feet from the ocean and the condo
    was well stocked with boogie boards, mats and chairs for the beach.  There was also a nice
    pool right outside our patio.
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    Our first day in Maui was spent
    swimming at the beach, boogie
    boarding, snorkeling and ended
    with a very nice Luau at the Marriott
    Resort in Wailea.  Kendra made
    some friends and got to hang out
    with the dancers.
    On our second day in Maui we got an early snorkeling trip out to the crater island of Molokini which is a very popular
    diving spot because the water is crystal clear - about 150 foot visibility.  There are coral reefs and a lot of colorful
    fish.  We had booked a very fast boat and it was a wild ride out and back.  The water at Molokini is about 60 feet
    deep then goes to 300 feet outside of the crater (see pic at right).  On our way back we stopped at a place off of
    Maui and saw three green sea turtles and got to swim with them.  By the way, I did not take the pictures of Molokini
    below, just wanted to show what it looked like.  I did take the crummy underwater pics with a $7 disposable camera.
    Having always snorkeled off the beach, I was nervous snorkeling in deep water but after Larry jumped in
    and started, the rest of us had to hop in too.  The water was very clear and we drifted and snorkeled for
    over an hour - I wore a shirt so my back would not get too sun burned.
    We went to our beach or other
    close by beaches every morning
    and afternoon.  Even though it
    is always warm, the water was
    colder than I expected.

    The beaches in Maui were not
    nearly as crowded as they were
    in Honolulu, even on the weekend.
    See the green sea turtle at left.
    We had some underwater
    cameras but could not find
    them when we were looking
    at turtles.
A very strange fish!
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