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    These pictures are various ski trips we have made.  Mostly to New Mexico and Colorado.  In New Mexico
    we have pictures in Ruidoso, Taos and Santa Fe.  In Colorado we have pictures in Crested Butte,
    Steamboat Springs, Purgatory (Durango), Winter Park and Wolf Creek Pass. We have also been to
    several places at Lake Tahoe in California.  We have many more old pictures than we can even scan
    into the computer.

    My photos of beautiful mountains never come out looking very good so I take pictures of my ski mates.  
    I taught Susie to ski in Ruidoso and Taos.  I taught Bobby Lee to ski in Ruidoso.  I have been skiing for
    over 30 years now and have never missed a year of skiing in that time.

    In 2004, we took Kendra who was 5, to ski in Steamboat Springs.  She took lessons for several days
    and got along good in the snow.  I hope she likes to ski as much as I do.  Of course I can not find where
    our photos are.
Felicia, me and Susie on the High
Bridge at Taos, NM.  Feb 1997
Susie in a snowstorm.  Felicia
is behind her.
Felicia on the lifts in her
very bright ski jacket.  She
used to be scared of heights
Felicia and Larry at Winter Park, Colorado.  Felicia
got us a condo for free for the weekend.

On the way to Winter Park from Denver we stopped
at the Coors Brewery in Golden, Colorado and had
too many beers.
All of these places look alike!  
I do not know where these were taken
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Various Ski Trips - NM, Colorado