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    Our first ski trip in 2011 was to Heavenly Ski Valley at Lake Tahoe.  Felicia, Kendra, Susie, Larry and I went with Steve and Annelise.  
    We flew to Reno, Nevada and rented 2 cars to drive to South Lake Tahoe, which sits on the Nevada and California state line.  This
    is the fourth time Felicia & I  have skied at Lake Tahoe (three times at Heavenly and once at Squaw Valley) and it was our most
    adventurous trip to get from Reno to the lake.

    As we had wished, it snowed before we went on our trip but it snowed 60 inches in the 4 days before we got there.  This giant
    snowfall made us have to put on chains to get over the mountains and down to Lake Tahoe.  We arrived in Reno pretty late,
    got our rental cars (with no chains) and went to two Wal-Marts to buy chains.  We were told by several people that the Highway
    Patrol would not let us drive past Carson City without chains on.

    When we got to Carson City at about 1 AM, we were able to put chains on one car, but not the other.  We had to go to a
    Wal-Mart in Carson City to get more chains.  It must have been a sad sight seeing a bunch of Texans trying to put on
    chains late at night in the dark, in deep snow and with the snow still coming down hard.  We finally reached our hotel at
    3:30 AM - we were all very tired.

    We stayed at the MontBleu Resort & Casino on the Nevada side of the street in South Lake Tahoe and skied at Heavenly
    Ski Resort that lies in California and in Nevada.  We skied on both sides of the mountain.

    Larry did not ski because of his hurt knee but he had a good time.  To Make Bobby Lee feel bad about wimping out on the
    trip, I put the snow report below.  Maybe we will make it again on another trip.  Makes me wonder if my skiing days are limited too?
Lake Tahoe Ski Trip January 2011 - Page 1
Susie, Kendra and Annelise.  Before
we were done with our trip, Kendra
and Annelise has skied down a Black
Trail several times without breaking
any legs.  I think that they are pretty
safe skiing on their own now.
    The views of the lake were great.  The sun was out, it was not too cold (for February) and we all got sunburned.  I think that skiing on the edge
    of a big blue lake makes the most interesting ski pictures that I have.  Ski shop guys said these were best ski days of the year so far.
    Before we were done Steve, Susie and I got in trouble for
    leaving our two kids to ski by themselves while we were
    skiing harder trails at the top of the mountain.

    Here are Kendra and Annelise skiing in a Terrain Park
    with big jumps, ramps and tricks.  The girls made some
    of the jumps, I went around most of them and Steve is
    lucky to be alive
    Here are some more
    pictures of the powder
    on the trails. If you were
    a good powder skiier
    I do not think that it
    could get any better,  
    I stayed on groomed
    trails that had from
    3 to 6" of powder.

    Steve and I did go down
    a very steep Black Trail
    that was only powder
    covered moguls.  This
    was the most dangerous
    trail for both of us and it
    took us quite a while
    but we made it down
    alive.  Susie was smarter
    and went around and
    was waiting for us.
    At right is the snow
    report for the days
    before we got to
    Heavenly.  108 inch
    base depth.  I noticed
    that in the week after
    we got back the base
    depth grew to 120"
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    Felicia is ready to ski.  With all her
    blue on she matched the color of
    the lake.  I do not think that she
    fell much until the end of the day
    when were riding a bus back.  
    She hurt her knee pretty bad.

    You can see that the power is
    pretty good on these trails.  It had
    not been above freezing since
    it had snowed.  About 6" of power
    is enough for me.  When Steve
    tried skiing in 12" of powder he
    had a pretty good fall and looked
    like he sank into a lake