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    For 2013, we saved up our money all year and went to Australia for two weeks in July.  Felicia, Kendra, Susie and I flew to Santa Fe,
    LAX and then overnight to Sydney.  Australia is so large, we only had time and money to see the east coast.  

    During our trip we started in Sydney, flew to Northeast Australia to Cairns to spend some time exploring the Great Barrier Reef and
    the Daintree Rainforest.  We drove on the northeast coast until the paved roads stopped and where rental cars were not allowed to go.  
    We went west from Sydney to stay in Katoomba in the Blue Mountains where we were reminded that July is winter in Australia.  
    We went back to the coast to stay for a few days at Port Stephens and then spent out last days staying right on the famous Bondi Beach.                      
Cairns, Queensland
    We arrived in Sydney at 6 AM after flying all day and then overseas all night.  Our hotel was not ready for us to check in that early so we
    stowed our bags and took the subway to the Sydney Harbour Center.  We were all tired but staying up all day walking and riding around
    Sydney did help the jet lag.  We got a bus tour of the town, got off at the Sydney Opera House and walked around the harbor, the Circular
    Quay and an old part of town called The Rocks.  We also walked to the Sydney Harbour Bridge but not up or across.  We new that our last
    day we would be back in Sydney at the same spot.  Notice we are all wearing jackets in July.
    Sydney is the largest city in Australia, it seems much bigger than the
    Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.  The subway was a pretty easy and
    safe way to get around.

    We ate at the harbor with wonder views of downtown, the bridge and
    the Opera House.  Then we got in a Thunder Jet boat and got a wet
    tour of the harbor.

    At about 6 PM, after being up for about 30 hours, we were all tired
    so we checked into our hotel.  Kendra fell asleep and did not even
    eat dinner with us.
    On our second day in Australia, we went right back to the Sydney Airport and flew for 4 hours north to the city of Cairns,
    which is on the northeast coast of Queensland.  Cairns is in northern Queensland and is a jumping off point to get out to
    the Great Barrier Reef, which is located off the northeast coast of Australia and Cairns is also close to the Daintree
    Rainforest National Park, where dense rainforest goes all the way out to the beach.

    Cairns was also where we had to start driving a car with the steering wheel on the wrong side and had to drive on the
    wrong side of the road.  After weeks of driving around Australia, added to my two weeks of driving in New Zealand,
    I am now a pretty good wrong side of the road driver, and so are Felicia and Susie.  Even Kendra was scared for
    her life and helped out every day by reminding me what side of  the car to get into, where to drive and how to put the car in park.
    We stayed for 3 days at Clifton Beach, about 20 miles north of Cairns.  It was a good place to practice driving.  
    We stayed right across the street from the beach and could hear the waves and loud birds.  It sounded like paradise.  
    The beach had warning signs for crocodiles and stingers (big jellyfish).

    On our first day at Clifton Beach, Felicia saw 4 kangaroos just behind our house.  She used her phone to take
    photos.  The photos aren't the best but we were all exited. We also saw many wallabies (small kangaroos) out
    in fields north of Cairns.         
Sydney, New South Wales
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